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Textbook: Wellness and Physical Therapy

The textbook "Wellness and Physical Therapy" (published by Jones & Bartlett) is required reading in many entry-level PT programs throughout the nation and internationally. 

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Article: The Self-Wellness PT Students

Are PT students any more "well" than the average people? Are they as "well" as other health care practitioners? 

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Aerobic Capacity Wellness of PTs

Are PTs "well" in terms of aerobic capacity? Are PTs good wellness role models?

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Weight loss on a Very Low Calorie Diet

Can an overweight woman loss "weight" on a very low calorie diet? 

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Quality of weight loss when you diet and exercise

How much fat versus muscle are you losing on your low calorie diet and exercise plan? 

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The First Book about Wellness - 1961

The first book about wellness, High Level Wellness, was authored by Halbert Dunn, MD, PhD in published in 1961. It was written to be manual for physicians.

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The mission of the Wellness Society is to offer wellness education to physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) so they may enhance the wellness of their patients, their communities and themselves.

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