Wellness Physical Therapist (WPT) Certification


The Wellness Society offers a certification as a WELLNESS PHYSICAL THERAPIST (WPT). 

The prerequisites for enrolling in the certification course are: 

(1) completion of the Wellness & PT seminar series,  

(2) at least two years of practice as a full-time physical therapist (or the equivalent in part-time or PRN practice). 

Once enrolled in the certification course itself, the physical therapist will demonstrate his/her ability to integrate wellness into the practice of physical therapy. This demonstration includes the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of knowledge. 

The certification examination consists of the following:

(1) Cognitive Domain: A 30 min and a subsequent 20 min Socratic dialog (by phone) of subject matter related to wellness and physical therapy. 

(2) Cognitive and Psychomotor Domains: A (silent) video of the physical therapist demonstrating a complementary intervention of her/his choosing and, during the presentation of that video, verbalizing the instructions (by phone or in person). At the conclusion of the video, the physical therapist will lead a discussion (by phone or in person) in support of the efficacy of the intervention (and submit a copy of the references used) and explain why the intervention is within the PT Scope of Practice. (The total duration of the two parts, i.e., the video and the discussion, will be 70 min. The division of the 70 min will be of the physical therapist's choosing so long as there is minimum of 30 min for each part.)

(3) Affective Domain: A 30 min (informal) discussion of how the physical therapist integrates wellness into his/her own life and serves as a role model to his/her patients. 

The examination components are one-on-one with the President of the Wellness Society, and the days of times are to be scheduled directly with her. The three parts of the assessments can be scheduled to occur on one day but it is recommended they are not. 

If interested, please email Dr Fair at  WellnessSociety1981@gmail.com


Wellness Physical Therapist (WPT) Certification

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Before you register, you must dialog with Dr. Sharon Fair to confirm your eligibility and interest. Please email her at WellnessSociety1981@gmail.com. If you register without this confirmation, and it is determined you are not eligible to enroll, your payment will be refunded minus a $20 administrative / PayPal fee.